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YES, there really is a difference in which wash package you select...see for yourself below!

**Prices for individual wash packages may vary between locations**

First, each vehicle is sprayed with a releasing detergent which begins to loosen bugs and grime and then gently hand brushed with genuine hogs hair brushes. Upon entering the wash tunnel you receive a complete and thorough soaking with our high-performance, environmentally friendly detergents and a gentle scrubbing by the all cloth and foam mitters, then rinsed with spot free water and finally dried with our powerful turbo blowers. This entire process takes only 3 minutes and is computer controlled to maximize the wash process from the largest truck to the smallest sports car.

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In addition to everything in the Basic package, when you choose the Good wash package you can look forward to Wheel/Rim Cleaning, Wax Application and Tire Shine. Your rims are sprayed with a pre-soak detergent to loosen tough road grime and break dust before they are cleaned with a barrage of rotating high pressure nozzles. Wax is added to give your vehicle a shiny finish and also aids in the drying process. Our automated computer controlled tire shine machines applies just the right amount of tire glaze to make your tires shiny and black!

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In addition to everything in the Basic and Good wash package, the Better wash Package also receives Triple-Shine Polish, Ultra-Gloss Extended Body Protectant and Undercarriage Blaster. Triple-Shine Polish adds more dirt busting soapiness and also provides U.V. protection. Ultra-Gloss Extended Body Protectant is applied instead of regular wax. Ultra-Gloss, the finishing touch, is a hydrophobic silicone based polymer that coats your vehicle's surfaces to lock-in your shine and prevent dirt, road-grime and insects from sticking. Your car will look better - LONGER! Ultra-Gloss also features a UV protectant to prevent damage from the harsh Gulf Coast sun. This product is great! With repeated applications it will keep your car’s finish in showroom shape for years to come! The Undercarriage Blaster helps to clean the often overlooked areas on the bottom of your vehicle.

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In addition to everything above, the Best Wash Package features the trifecta of goodness. Our unique three part process delivers the most shine and protection available in an automated wash. First the Wall of Foam. Our unique curtain of foam envelops and lathers every inch of your vehicle with a rich creamy blue detergent. In addition to cleaning, this first step also conditions your paint in preparation for the Carnauba Wax process. Made from the Brazilian Tree of Life, Carnauba Wax is the preferred wax of collectors and car enthusiasts because it creates a rich, warm glow. Our Carnauba Hot Wax and Shine System rejuvenates your vehicle's finish by penetrating deeper into the painted surface, producing a glossy shine never before available in an automated car wash. You will notice the difference right away! And finally, Ultra-Gloss Extended Body Protectant, the finishing touch, is a COMPLETE vehicle protectant featuring a UV guard to prevent damage from the harsh effects of the sun. It is engineered to create a water repellant layer that chemically bonds to all vehicle surfaces, including glass, paint, trim and plastic. In addition to adding a long lasting shine, Ultra-Gloss prevents dirt, road grime and insects from sticking to surfaces by leveling out microscopic surface irregularities. This means your car will stay clean and shiny, LONGER!

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